The Borja Library is a bibliographic fund specialized in humanities, especially theology, Bible, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, art and literature.

The set contains some 270,000 volumes distributed along about 9,000 linear meters.

The Borja Library located in Sant Cugat del Vallés, a few kilometers from Barcelona, ​​on the ESADE university campus, is integrated into the Library of ESADE-Sant Cugat.

Next to the campus are the facilities of the Borja Center of The Society of Jesus, where is the seat of Institute of Fundamental Theology linked to Theology Faculty of Catalonia and to the Seminar of Theology and Sciences of Barcelona.

1864 - Origin

The Bishop of Tortosa, Benet Vilamitjana, ceded a collection of some 3,000 books and premises to house it and the ‘Col·legi Màxim’ to The Society of Jesus. This collection was the seed of today’s library.

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 with more than 270,000 volumes 

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